So I've come to this conclusion... I do not fucking understand people.
And why the freaking hell did god put so many people on this earth if all he planned for them to do was to hurt eachother!?
I'm so fucking sick of people who judge and how people no matter who they are, let you down...
I'm just a 16 year old girl, surely that must mean something... It must mean I can't be this unhappy or that I'd have this much need to just be alone.
When I think about things it feels like a million knifes stab into my heart. Fear overtakes me.
Everything should be perfect, I've just got my mother back in my life and I'm in love for the first time...
So why do I feel like things are getting worse?
Why am I more unhappy than ever?
Why arent I trusting people anymore...?
Why do I feel like he's going to break my heart?
I'm so damn confused and if anything, even more alone.
Funny how life works, eh.